3 OCTOBER EVENTS! Benchmark Week, 5k Row Challenge, Halloween Kids Wod/Parents Wine :)

Scicoh Family!

Admittedly we are in some different times, but that won’t stop us from having a little fun around our fitness.  We have 3 HUGE things planned for you in the next few weeks.

1ST: BENCHMARK WEEK (10/19-10/24)

About 3 or 4 times a year, we do “benchmark week” to measure our progress, celebrate success, and identify areas to work on.  That week is coming up on the 19th!

Just sign up for class as always – the only difference is that we highly encourage you to come to as many days as you can and WRITE DOWN YOUR SCORE in your own notes. You will see these workouts again!

It’s been an interesting 6 months, so I’m sure there will be some numbers not where we want them. On the flip side, so many of you have done such a good job of fighting through the times and staying committed to your fitness.  Net, enjoy this week, and think of it as an opportunity to identify goals for 2021!

2ND: 5K ROWING CHALLENGE FOR A CAUSE (Saturday 10/24 @ SciCoh)

One of the traits I love most about all of you is your love and willingness to push yourselves and test your capabilities.

Here’s the deal – I don’t think I’ve ever programmed a 5k row in our 6 year history. Now we have an opportunity to test our limits, support a good cause, and of course….see if we can beat other gyms and actual rowers.

Our friends at Hingham Maritime Center are hosting a 5k row challenge as a little fundraiser for the program. A bunch of us from SciCoh had a wonderful time last summer learning how to row with them, so I’d like to show our support.

Equally as important – this is an awesome opportunity for us to show folks what we SciCohs can do!


They are allowing us to setup our own satellite competition for our members at our gym so we will run an 8AM and 9AM heat here at the gym on Saturday 10/24.  You don’t have to be an amazing rower to do this! Test yourself to finish off benchmark week!

1. Follow this link to officially sign up ($25 – all goes to the maritime center) for the challenge:


2. On sign up, they ask for affiliation – write in SciCoh

3. The heats they have listed don’t apply to us, so just choose 7am.

4. Go into Zen Planner and reserve your spot for the 8am or 9am time slot.

5. For the next couple of weeks, be on the lookout for some tips from your Coaches on how to approach this 5k!


One of the things we miss the most in the gym are seeing the kiddos, giving them the opportunity to see you getting fit, and having them get fit too!!  We are hosting a kids halloween (ages 5+) WOD and we will have some wine for you all!  WOD & WINE!  It will be on October 30th at varying heat times.  Use the link below to sign up before 10/22.  Heat times will be assigned after that. 

Have your kiddos wear their halloween costumes (as long as they can move in them) and come get fit!  

Sign up: https://forms.gle/FyPeWuLTqsh9tnjM7 



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