Day: January 28, 2019


WARMUP: Coaches choice STRENGTH/SKILL: 3 Super Sets 4 Deadlift + Shrug (75% Body Weight) 10 Total Alternating Renegade Rows (AHAP) WOD: Performance Sport “Nastu Girls V2” 3 RFT 50 Pistols (alternating) 7 Muscle Ups 10 Power Cleans (174/125) Functional Athelete 50 Air Squats 7 Burpee C2B or Burppe Pull-Ups 10 Power Cleans (115/75)

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Muscle Up Clinics

Hey Guys, I’m so pumped to bring to you small group, muscle up clinics! I’ll be keeping each session to 4 people or less so we can get in a lot of specific work for each individual. Overview Each session will be 30-45 minutes and encompass the following: Warm Up & Activation Muscle Up Theory

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