2019 SciCoh Pick’Em & Survivor Leagues

SciCoh Family,

I’m not trying to rush us through summer by any means, BUT the Pats have their first pre-season game this Thursday, which means it’s almost fantasy season!

Now, I honestly can’t commit to a full season of fantasy football, but what I do love are survivor and pick’em leagues. Way less effort, but equal amounts of fun.  This year, I’m putting together two SciCoh leagues – one is for survivor and the other is for pick’em.  As long as you are a SciCoh member or immediate family member of a SciCoh member, you are invited!

The SciCoh Pick’Em League

How It Works

Pick’em is very simple.  Each week you pick who you think will win each matchup.  Spread does not come into play so it’s just straight up, who you think will win.  You get points for each correct guess and highest score wins at the end of the season.

Cost & Prizes

Cost is $20 per person. Venmo me at @mplejeune11

1st Place – 70% of total pot.

2nd Place – 20% of total pot.

3rd Place – 10% of total pot.

How to Join the League

  1. Click here.
  2. Enter the following credentials:
    • ID – 8232
    • Password – SciCoh!
  3. Enter in your username and picks name.
  4. Venmo me $20 (@mplejeune11)

The SciCoh Survivor League

How It Works

Survivor is very simple too!  Each week you pick only 1 team who you think will win. Once again, spread does not matter so it’s just straight up win.  Two catches though…

  1. If you pick wrong one week, you are eliminated!
  2. You can only pick a team once the entire season. I.e. if you pick the Pats in Week 1, you can never choose them again.

We will not do a buy back in for this league.

Cost & Prizes

Cost is $20 per person. Venmo me at @mplejeune11

Winner take all!  Often times the winner is decided without going through the entire season.

How to Join the League

  1. Click here.
  2. Enter in your username and picks name.
  3. Venmo me $20 (@mplejeune11)

Once again, all SciCoh members and their family members are welcome to be a part of this! May the odds be ever in your favor!




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