2019 CrossFit & Intramural Open

Last Updated: February 15, 2019…keep checking back for updates!

2019 intramural teams announced!

It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year again…OPEN TIME!

For my noobies, keep reading so you can find out what this open is all about.

For my veterans, skip to the “What is the Intramural Open?” section to find out how we are running the intramural a little different this year!

what is the crossfit open?

Each year, over 500,000 CrossFitters around the world participate in a global, online competition called The CrossFit Open.

For the elite, this is a way for them to advance on to the CrossFit Games in hopes of becoming the Fittest Man or Woman on Earth. For mortals like us, it’s an amazing opportunity to push our own limits and be part of an amazing community that starts in our box but extends to over 13,000 affiliates across the world!

Starting Thursday, February 21st, CrossFit Headquarters will release 1 workout each Thursday for 5 weeks.  These workouts will test our fitness but includes both Rx and scaled versions so everyone can participate.  Each week we will complete this workout in class and post our scores by the following Monday.

You can then see how your performance compares to other people in your division, state, country, and even world. There are typically a lot of 00s in our standings haha, but it’s still a fun exercise and great benchmark for next year!

It’s totally normal for new folks to feel intimidated and think it’s crazy to sign up for this thing.  Sooooo, we created the Intramural Open!

WHAT IS THE Intramural OPEN?

At SciCoh, we use the Intramural Open as the premier community event for our gym. We use it to have social events, meet other members, and MAKE EVERYONE’S SCORE MATTER!

The Intramural Basics

We will create 3 teams inside the gym.  Each athlete will be RANDOMLY drafted to a team.
Each week teams accumulate points in a few ways:
  • 1 point for each athlete that submits a score
  • 3 points for each athlete that places in the top 3 at SciCoh for his/her division
  • 5 points for bringing some serious spirit that week
  • TBD points through bonus point opportunities

So here is the beautiful part – even if you aren’t a top athlete you can still score HUGE for your team! Do the workout, bring some crazy spirit, and seek out a bonus opportunity – boom!

At the end of the 5 weeks, the team with the most points wins…we are doing something really cool for them this year 🙂

Cost: $20 – that’ll help us cover costs of prizes and such.  Anything leftover we will use to buy you guys more equipment!

What’s Different This Year

We are making 3 huge changes to the draft and recruitment process this!

1) TEAM CAPTAINS CAN PROTECT 2 PICKS. For the first time ever, we will allow captains to choose their first 2 picks. It will operate as a snake draft, meaning the draft order will be: Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 3 again, Team 2, and Team 1.

While you will know who was drafted, we will not make public in what order they were drafted.

2) EVERY MEMBER WILL GET DRAFTED. In year’s past we randomly drafted out of the pool of people already signed up.  This year we will put every member’s name in the hat regardless if they have signed up or not.  Which means…

3) RECRUITMENT IS ABOUT GETTING YOUR TEAM MEMBERS TO SIGN UP! They are already assigned to your team, but their score only counts if they actually sign up for the intramural open. Beg them. Grease their palms. Do what you gotta do to get them to be official!

action steps

Only those officially signed up for our intramural open through our Echelon landing page will be scored in the Intramural part of the open!

It’s totally your choice if you want to officially sign up for the Global CrossFit Leaderboard. For some, you may not care where your stack up.  For others, you might.  That’s totally your choice!

Step 3 – come to the draft party!

Time and date is TBD, but we will let you know!

I absolutely can’t wait for this! If you have any questions, let one of your Coaches know!



scicoh intramural open: Noobies, keep reading so you can find out what the CrossFit Open is all about. Veterans, skip to the “What is the


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