2018 ReOpen Recap

The 1st SciCoh ReOpen is officially in the books!

There was gymnastics galore, olympic lifting, lunges, double unders, burpees, and of course…thrusters.  Across the 5 weeks, your strengths and improvements shined brightly and any weaknesses were uncovered.  Most importantly, there was a lot of fun, silliness, and hardwork.

The 7 Things We Learned

The purpose of the ReOpen was to have some fun and to learn about where we are strong, where we have improved, and what we need to work on.  Turns out, we learned a little bit more than that.

1. Bob is a super sleuth. I mean, it’s amazing what his eyes see that the normal human eyes can’t!

2. Liz Coffee might be the only one that can actually make sense of Castro clues. I gave 4 clues and she was the 1st to guess 2 of them…ridiculous.

3. Our newest member, Kendra Fulton can really hold her own with the ladies.

4. Patrick Farr is definitely juicing.

5. Turns out that postpartum strength hormone is a real thing! 3rd? Are you kidding me?

6. Overall, JetBlue edges out Southwest…but for the last leg of the trip it doesn’t get better than Southwest.

7. This.


What We Really Learned

Ok, so those were just a few of the many fun things we saw, but what did we learn about you and your fitness?

1. Our gymnastics is so much better! After the open, we identified gymnastics as a major weakness for the gym. Specifically, our ability to hang from a bar and move throughout space (pull ups, t2b, etc.)  Yes this impacts our abilities as a CrossFit athlete, but more importantly this is a functional movement deficiency.  Over the last 6 months, Sarah and I have biased the programming to work on this gap.  We attacked strength in our midline (hello deadbugs), lats, rhomboids, and biceps.  The percentage of people we have that can now do a pull-up is by far the highest we have had!

2. Gymnastics is still an area for improvement. We are so much better in this area, but there is still so much more we can do.  Several of you are still searching for a pull-up and we will make sure to get you there.  Those of you that have pull-ups are now trying to tackle the higher order things like butterflies, C2B, and muscle ups.  As a skill, gymnastics just takes hours of practice, so we are going to give it to you. We will keep biasing the programming and will also be offering clinics and accessory programming for those that want to fast track progress.

3. Our work capacity is impressive and you’ve improved it without the volume.  6 months ago, Sarah and I completely retooled our programming template to tailor it specifically to you.  As a group that trends towards the 40s, volume is something we wanted to do a better job controlling.  High volume workouts can be fun, but they aren’t as important as high intensity workouts and are far more taxing on our bodies.  We’ve seen the frequency of aches and pains reduce while your work capacity goes through the roof.  In other words, its working!

4. Those squats though…Day 1, minute 1 of on ramp – “Let me show you how to squat.  It’s the most important thing we will teach you.” Good news is everyone can easily squat to at least an inch above parallel.  Bad news is it gets a little nasty after that.  From depth issues to toe squats and knee crashes, we saw it all.  As a group that sits hours a day, our struggle is common but its up to us to help you fix it.  Get ready for squats on squats on squats.

5. Olympic lifting is progressing and we should continue to practice. We care about your ability to olympic lift because nothing else on the planet tests and improves every general physical skill of fitness as well as olympic lifting.  I also love it because it’s hard and it feels good to make progress.  The amount of people that were hitting the big weights on WOD 2 and repping the cleans on the chipper was amazing!  That said, we aren’t even considered novice olympic lifters until we’ve hit the 7 year mark.  Needless to say, we will continue to develop this skill.

6. We are starting to find our hammies! For months we’ve programmed in tempo lifts, pause lifts, and hang work to help you find your posterior chain (think hammies and glutes). It’s starting to show! Your lifting positions have improved and are even maintaining better under duress.  The work here isn’t over, but know that your effort is paying off.

The Standings

So, I’m sure you’ve probably skipped all the bs above to get to this part.  Awesome job by everyone! I really appreciate you getting into this and having some fun with it.

The Top Team Is…


Led by some stellar Top 3 performances, Sarah & Sylvain’s team clinched the top position. Kudos to the other teams as well as this is the closest it’s ever been in an intramural open!

The Ladies…

I want to say how proud I am of all our ladies.  We had a ton of 1st timers and I know that takes real guts!

And a tie for 3rd? Really? Wow!

The Gents…

For those of you that did most of the workouts, there really wasn’t a lot of separation.  Well done!


Now What?

So you’ve gone through 5 weeks of testing.  What is the one thing you’d love to get better at?  Better said, what is your goal?

Sit down with us, let’s put it on paper, and make a plan.




scicoh intramural open: Noobies, keep reading so you can find out what the CrossFit Open is all about. Veterans, skip to the “What is the


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